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Stay protected, get immunized.

SYNERGY RX EXPRESS Offers a Friendly Environment for Inoculations

Anyone can take advantage of our vaccination program—whether a child or an adult. Our pharmacists can safely administer any inoculation you may have been prescribed or require seasonally. We know vaccinations are vital to your health, so as helping you understand their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to benefits of short-term relief versus long-term effects.

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School Vaccinations

For children, getting immunized will require age-appropriate vaccination. Our pharmacy can help you plan for your child’s inoculation for common childhood illnesses.

Available Vaccinations

It’s a precautionary measure to get vaccinated before going to any travel. We can help you prepare for your trip with our available vaccinations. You can check with your travel agent for mandatory vaccinations needed to travel overseas.

Contact Us for Help

You can call us or send us a message online. Our pharmacists will be glad to help you and answer all of your questions.

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